Saturday, June 5, 2010


If you are on the Register, but have not yet received The Call, or even if you are still awaiting your clearances, stop what you are doing IMMEDIATELY. There is something important you must do right now: start cleaning out your basement...your garage...your closets. No really, START RIGHT NOW!

The last few weeks have been a crazy mix of family things and sorting out and finishing work amd trying to sort out onsurance issues and trying to find good tenants and trying to say goodbye to people, and, and,'s been CRAZY. I really wish I hadn't procrastinated and waited to start doing all of this until after I got The Call. I had the best of intentions, and planned to startpacking/sorting/weeding out months ago, but didn't. We've lived in our house for almost a decade, and let's just say we have acquired a few things "just in case"...I am a "saver" by nature, and now I'm really regretting it! I'm not sure I am going to get everything done. The movers come in about a week. Time is MELTING!

It's hard to believe that I start A-100 in a few short weeks. This has been a highly theoretical endeavor for so long, it is almost surreal that we are about to leave for DC. I cannot wait to pull out of the driveway. That will mean everything is done, and that will be a HUGE relief!

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  1. had to laugh, not at your chaos of course but it feels like you're talking to me! We have so much to sort through and I have great intentions of doing it soon but time is slipping by....good luck getting it all done!