Monday, June 14, 2010

Movewatch 2010: The Update

So. The moving company just called. It turns out that the load on the movers' truck that "had" to be unloaded at 7am today at a location 87 miles from our house is...still at that location, and still loaded. Yes, that's right, they've been sitting there all day, and are...still 87 miles from my house. The company representative called to give me a "helpful" update: they will (allegedly) be at my house at around 4pm. Today, supposedly. He has apparently "ordered" the truck to leave for my place without dropping off the existing load.

Frankly, although it's a bit of a pain that they keep moving the date and time of the move around on me, I really don't care. I mean, I'm here at my house doing all of the last-minute things I would otherwise be doing. I'm beyond sick of cleaning and organizing, and would be going crazy even without playing the movers' version of musical chairs with my move date. I can roll with just about anything.


I did get a little annoyed when the moving company rep apologized to me that they "weren't able to accomocate" me yesterday, as though all of this was occasioned by their attempts to help ME out by moving on a Sunday. I pointed out to him that the move yesterday was for THEIR convenience, not mine. He said something else that made clear that he didn't know how many times they had called and changed my the date/time, so I walked him through the timeline. All he could say was "um, it's not usually like this."

We were supposed to spend tonight with the in-laws, who live 90 minutes from us. We were supposed to be having a turkey dinner. Given the movers' current ETA, that's obviously not going to work, and I feel horribly guilty, even though it's not my fault. I'm sure the in-laws were looking forward to seeing us all one last time, and my spouse's godparents are in from out of town to meet our child for the first (and perhaps only) time.

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  1. Sorry this is becoming so painful. Soon, it will be over (insha'allah). I hope to meet you when you start at FSI next week.